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JOOF Recordings

JOOF Recordings is an underground label originally set up in 1998 by John 00 Fleming and Russel Coultart (Floorplay).

Acting as A&R John 00 Fleming has signed a number of innovative artists including; Kalden Bess, Insert Name, Mark Iliffe, Hopeku, E- Clip, Mickey Noise, Alex Di Stefano, Oliver Lieb, Martin Merkel, Tripy, Lyctum, Kintar, Spintribe, Mekka, The Digital Blonde, Anton Chernikov, Steve Birch, Cosmithex, Tegma, Timewave, Oliver Prime and many more. Also we've had many releases on such compilations as: Ministry of Sound, Sony, Virgin, Euphoria and many many more.

Today sees JOOF Recordings partnering with it's European cousin Banshee Worx (Bonzai) making it one of the most prestigious labels in the electronic dance scene.

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