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Limited line of clothing and shoes from Armin and Quick Sports International

Limited line of clothing and shoes from Armin and Quick Sports International

Armin Van Buuren has teamed up with design company Quick Sports International for many years of partnership work. Together with the best DJs on the planet, the fashion brand, known landmark called «Q», will be working on a brand new clothing line.

Part of a new product, namely, shirts, dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the famous radio show - A State of Trance, which got to the point in issue 500, and will be available for sale.

Currently focused on Armin DVD release show ArminOnly: Mirage, as well as the celebration of the 500th issue and with it a 10-tie world-famous radio show A State of Trance. 5 different shows on 5 continents, with a total of more than 60 DJs, this holiday turns into a real dance event.

Specially for this great show will be available for sale only 500 shirts. In addition, a line of clothing for Quick and Armin will also include shoes, shirts, vests, jackets and polo shirts. All merchandise will be available at the end of March in 80 Dutch stores and 30 stores shoes.

Armin Van Buuren: «Q is a company and brand with young, ambitious people who will help me to create a collection that fits my lifestyle. I'm glad our cooperation and the fact that we are working on a completely new line of clothing, shoes and bags that I want to be me and my fans. The clothing line is really up to my expectations, and it will be able to show what I am.»
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