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Above & Beyond – We Are All We Need

Above & Beyond are not used to standing still. They were the first British DJ, on whose performance at Madison Square Garden tickets were sold out long before the day of H. They have scored ten thousand packed Alexandra Palace during the celebration of the 50th issue of its updated radio show ABGT. In the end, Billboard named their acoustic concert of the project "one of the most memorable moments in the history of dance music." There is no doubt that the trio from London has long established itself as a leader in the club industry and far beyond its borders.

Three years ago, the British Above & Beyond released the studio album "Group Therapy". And so, once again bypassing the conventional trends and the lure of short-term profit, Tony, Paavo and Jono brought to our attention a new album, "We Are All We Need". Preparing to release occupied a lot of time, and since the summer of last year, Above & Beyond, we presented the three singles - "Sticky Fingers", "Blue Sky Action" with vocals by Alex Vargas, and "We're All We Need", with the participation of Zo? Johnston. Creativity is familiar to fans of Zoe Above & Beyond the album "Group Therapy". An interesting point - the first album of the trio, which did not participate in the British soloist Richard Bedford.

Talk about this record can ever - better once to hear. It's not every album EDM awarded the Wikipedia article even before the official release!

Play for free: http://music.yandex.ru/album/2458620


01. Quieter Is Louder 1:55
02. We're All We Need (feat. Zoe Johnston) 4:23
03. Blue Sky Action (feat. Alex Vargas) 4:40
04. Peace Of Mind (feat. Zoe Johnston) 4:50
05. Counting Down The Days (feat. Gemma Hayes) 4:28
06. Sticky Fingers (feat. Alex Vargas) 3:29
07. Hello 4:02
08. Little Something (feat. Justine Suissa) 5:06
09. All Over The World (feat. Alex Vargas) 4:46
10. Fly To New York (feat. Zoe Johnston) 5:20
11. Making Plans (feat. Alex Vargas) 5:04
12. Out Of Time 4:10
13. Excuses 5:44
14. Save Me (feat. Zoe Johnston) 4:55
15. Sink The Lighthouse (feat. Alex Vargas) 4:11
16. Treasure (feat. Zoe Johnston) 3:41
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