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Armin answered questions from fans

For a couple of hours before the show Armin Only Intense in SC Olympic, Philips held a press conference with Armin van Buuren, which presented its branded headphones and device M1X-DJ. Armin showed how works this portable kit for a party, and what are its advantages and features, and then answered questions from journalists. We had previously asked for the largest Russian-speaking subscribers fan pages offer their own questions, choose the five most interesting and asked them to Armin. It turned out a kind of mini-interviews. However, it was not recorded, so literally we do not claim, but the overall message of his responses we have tried to convey.

You said that work on a new album. This will be the album Gaia, which you mentioned in several interviews, or a new album Armin van Buuren?

Armin said that while knows. We work on both albums: one day he might write a new Gaia-track to another - something under his own name. "Want to know what I do when I'm not on tour, I do not spend time with his family, do not swing not slept? I'm sitting in my studio. " One thing is for sure: the promised album Gaia really will - sooner or later.

Many Russian-speaking fans enthusiastically greeted the news of a possible revival of the project Rising Star. Do you really plan to release music under the pseudonym, or is it just a possible scenario?

Armin again stressed that no promises, but he really is working on several tracks in this style. Moreover, he admitted that among these tracks has collaborations with names that should have a very surprise!

Do you have any fresh ideas for a tour of A State of Trance 700? Maybe you do psy scene after the success of 666 release?

Hardly. It turns out that even the scene of Who's Afraid of 138 did not enjoy the popularity that would like Armin. Of course, he is very fond of this sound and will continue to support it, and the next year definitely should again wait scene WAO138 - probably interspersed with psy-trance - but Armin understands that you need to take into account the desire of the public who attends such events and not only listens to the broadcast. However, he promised that ASOT 700 we still expect some surprises.

You release videos Armin Only Intense Road Movie every two weeks. But will Intense DVD?

Maybe, but this is unlikely. Armin said honestly that the previous DVD (Armin Only Mirage) they only lost money - people are very reluctant to buy such films. At the moment, it makes more sense to use the short format of free video on YouTube.

We all know that you really love ambient, ambient dub, deep house - like the sound. What can you recommend to listen to? Maybe the fact that he listened to recently?

Armin listed a variety of musicians and bands: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, Ott ... He really liked the last album Plastikman. And the curtain of the album he included a fragment of Canto Ostinato on your iPad, taking with us the promise that we will certainly listen to it in its entirety. It was fun to see the reaction of other journalists, clearly not come to the delight of this music. But Armin did not pay attention to them, telling them that it is a collection of arpeggios lasting 2.5 hours, which is gradually evolving and changing, and that, of course, in the few minutes that he turned for us to understand this album did not succeed, but he at least it gives some idea about it.

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