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Music as a lifestyle or creativity

Some people think that making music is something supernatural, while others think that you need to sit at a huge remote control to create music ... But this is completely wrong!

The first question that arises: And where does the remote? The console is for mixing channels, but it has nothing to do with writing music ... In order to write music, there are no descriptions or books at all like "Music for Dummies"! Everything is inside of you!

Of course there are the basics of arrangement, arpeggio... But, it all comes with experience. The main thing here is the idea, the soul. As in poetry or in painting. Enough of what you want to hear in the end result. Education, in this case, is a set of rules and stereotypes ... And creativity is a free flight, from all of the above, your thoughts. So, let it be BEFORE, RE or even SALT, it doesn’t matter ... The main thing here is your idea ...

For many, the path to creativity begins in their own way... someone already 3 years old sitting in front of the TV listens to the classics, and someone only 30-40-50 years old understands that he has a talent and craving for music... To whom from childhood, synthesizers, their keys, twists, etc., are interesting

Making music is a kind of THERAPY! When you truly write music, you’re not just turning off, you are plunging into the world you would like to be in, which you see. It’s not that distracting, it inspires and “sends”...

You will be “sent”, as it were, into a fairy-tale world invented by your mind and everything that you see you will have to retell in the form of music :-), but so if we listened to it we could present about the same picture as you...

It is "your world" that is within you, you can transfer in the form of music for others. This is the meaning of all creativity on earth - to convey your idea and find like-minded people who can always share your fantasies and thoughts with you!
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