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Radio show of Armin van Buuren

Now and immediately you can connect to the radio show of Armin van Buuren! Experience the emotions rise of consciousness beyond the standards of sound, stop careening space ideas and learn how they are arranged into seven well-known music!

You are on the territory of trance music, which does not have standards, but there are requirements for the perfect sound, a stunning rhythm, to the crazy transitions from deep bass to Spine-Chilling dizzyingly sophisticated sound that can shake the electronics. With music by Armin Van Buuren and his followers can relax or work, enjoy every sound and marvelous mix, or just go on a wave of harmonies.

We offer a plunge into an interesting sound and get acquainted with the classics and novelties trance. Each program on Radio Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance - a magnificent kaleidoscope of carefully selected compositions by talented and in love with trance-music musicians.


• listen to your favorite music indefinitely things from the creators of one of the most progressive and innovative trends;
• Find the best trans-music works that are recognized around the world and where you can learn to understand the beauty of this style;
• download their favorite music files to return to your favorite music again and again;
• to experience the pleasure of contact not just with a beautiful sound, but with melodies, donated the universe itself.

We invite you to amazing radio show A State of Trance from a young legend - producer and DJ from Holland Armin van Buuren!

Do not miss the opportunity to:

• Join the 30 million-strong army of fans rhythmic and light music;
• set the direction of a mental journey;
• enjoy the melody perfectly matched transitions in the sound;
• Create a background for the soul, mind and body.

You are at the mercy of wondrous magic called trance music! This goes out to the orbit of the phenomenal sounds and melodies woven!

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