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Trance music in our hearts!

To all the trance fans in the world, it's been my dream ever since I heard my first trance tune years ago. And that dream was to create a trance following of which the world has never seen. The point in which I joined the trance family, it was the UK's turn to show the world what it was made of. Now thanks to the Internet and social media for the UK we see trance is actually world wide and loved by people in every country.

We see the Dutch in control of most things trance, Egypt is alive with trance much like India, Asia and the USA it's everywhere. HOWEVER, some big names are finally popping up in the UK and with events like global gathering being put on hiatus following the path Godskitchen, having a year out to look at the production and remodel their ideas and come back fighting.

The UK has so much to offer we now have names like, Ben nicky, Ben Gold, Jordan Suckley, Craig Connelly just to name a few. We have venues that take your breath away like the Albert hall in Manchester, various 02 academies, the rainbow warehouses in Birmingham and I haven't even got to mention clubs in Bournemouth and Newcastle because everyone knows how good some of them are.

What I'm trying to say is the UK has the trance and it's our time once again to guide the trance family to new levels. Separating ourself from the poppy ravers and EDM commercial takeover that haunts the radio. We want to take people to the future but follow the foundations of trance that have been established by the legends we still embrace today.

So keep an eye on this page as we are all closer than you think to something amazing. Live well, stay safe and remember.....
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