» » Armin van Buuren in Moscow told how to become a DJ
Armin van Buuren in Moscow told how to become a DJ

Armin van Buuren - Dutch music producer and DJ, known for his creative trance. He has won many awards, including first place in the list of "Top 100 DJs according to the fans," the magazine «DJ Magazine» record five times: four years in a row in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and again in 2012.

At a press conference held before the concert in Moscow indoors Gibson Russia, the musician spoke about the sound system DJ Philips M1X-DJ.

"- One day, I went to the supermarket and I was approached by a woman" - says Armin - "She told me that her son was a big fan of mine. And it would be cool if there was a machine that could teach the human DJ. Then I came up with the idea to create the sound system. "

What is Philips M1X-DJ:
- Speaker system for DJs
- Premium sound quality
- WOOx technology for powerful and deep bass
- Possibility of music information in the manual and automatic mode
- Two Geauga, crossfaders
- Stylized tools switches
- Ability to use library iPad for details
- Connecting music via Bluetooth

Armin also journalists asked about his future plans. The musician said he was very pleased to hold such a large-scale show in Russia and gladly come back here more than once.

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