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Pedro Mendes aka Illusionize, is a Brazilian DJ and producer that with only 22 years old reached big success in his home country and stablished himself in Brazil and world wide with a series of chart topping releases on renowned labels.

Born in Goi?nia, the “bass boy” or “the hat boy” – as he is called by his fans – is the author of big hits like ‘Take’, ‘Time’, ‘Bring it Back’ and ‘Bass’, this last one being the track that put him under the spot light and defined his signature style.

Known for his mixing skills, Illusionize had 200 gigs in 2016 headlining some of the best clubs and festivals in Brazil such as Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, XXXPerience, Green Valley, P12, Laroc and more.

As 2017 goes on, this is the year that marks his first contract with an international label, launched his own, entitled ‘Elevation’, and departure into his first international tour.
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