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Dennis Kruissen

Dennis Kruissen is an artist and precursor of the melodic deephouse scene hailing from Amsterdam. In 2011 Dennis Kruissen started a mixtape serie, which was the beginning of his great success. His mixtapes contained new music from the melodic deephouse scene. After millions of views on his mixtapes, he started producing his own songs. In 2014 he had big online hits together with Sam Feldt with the track ‘’Alien’’ and ‘’Ayo Technology’’ together with De Hofnar. The name of Dennis Kruissen went bigger and bigger. After these collaborations he thought it was time to do things on his own.

This resulted in an extraordinary remix of ‘’You’ve Got The Love’’ from Florence and The Machine. The quality of this production wasn’t unnoticed. Dennis Kruissen hit number one on the Hypem charts and got supported by Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut and many more major blogs and of course millions of plays on his Soundcloud channel. After the success of this remix it didn’t stop. Dennis Kruissen experienced the same success with remixes of ‘’Shackles’’ and ‘’Devil May Cry’’. This succes gave him the chance to do bookings all over the world. He did shows in Brazil. South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and many more countries.

After all this online success, which let him over 70.000 followers on Facebook and over 80.000 followers on Soundcloud, Dennis Kruissen was ready for the next step. In 2016 he signed an exclusive deal with Armada which resulted in his first orginal ‘’South America’’. Dennis Kruissen says: ‘’ I always want to explore new sounds. This is why my mixtape series are such a hit. But now I want to let the people hear my own sounds. My sound combines emtional vibes with massive productions, which hit you right in the heart’’. This promises more unique and quality productions with great collaborations in the near future.
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