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A unique blend of textures and waves of pure energy is what flows through your mind and body when listening to Remy. It is sheer pleasure. And for those who have not had the opportunity to hear his sound, you have certainly been missing half of your life. For a man with a calm and to some, even a shy demeanor, the power and respect he demands while he's behind the decks is total and consuming.

Born in The Hague, the Netherlands, Remy was bitten by the music bug in the summer of 1990. A dark murky club, lustrous lights, that thumping base, and a strange but curiously intoxicating fusion of high, medium, and low frequencies was all it took for Remy to make a sudden change of career, and a decision he has never regretted making since.

He bought his own DJ set after that summer. Eventually he gained residency at all Silly Symphonies events in Holland. The Amsterdam based club RoXY soon recognized his talent and introduced Remy to a larger crowd every Saturday night. Remy has since been found at John Digweed's Bedrock nights in London as well as those famous Twilo nights in New York aside from playing all over the world. He never ceases to amaze his fans and crowds with his impeccable choice of records and flawless, tight mixing. Receiving an award from the Dutch Awards as Best DJ consecutively for 2001 and 2002, proves exactly that.

"I like to play a variety of sounds from tech-house, to techno, To English progressive, to trance. For me, the most important aspect in a record as well as a DJ set is the flow of energy in the music. The real challenge is to play for a certain type of crowd, be it techno or progressive and have them enjoying another sound without realizing that style of music has changed."

Since the summer of 90', Remy's passion for music has only intensified. Since then, he has launched a slew of record labels such as WONKA, 'Global Cuts' together with Belgian DJ/producer Sven van Hees (with whom Remy also produced the classic ‘Piano Power’ tune) AREA CODE 070 (the phone area code of Remy's residence The Hague), and of course TASTE RECORDINGS. Similarly, he has released a number of singles that have received international recognition. To name a couple, 'Mess With Da Bull' was featured on Sasha & Digweed's 'Northern Exposure Expeditions' compilation, and 'Backstabber' (DJ Remy) can be found on the Renaissance-CD by Dave Seaman. Recent releases of Remy include 'Pumped Up' (DJ Remy) and 'Spotlight' (RR Workshop).

In 2003, Remy released his first album BANG! including the massive club Tunes ‘Scrambled’ and ‘Dustsucker’. In 2004, Remy released together with Roland Klinkenberg his several tracks like ‘Fearless’ and ‘Till Ya Drop’ on the Electronic Elements imprint from Armada Music. Not without success. ‘Till Ya Drop’ became one of the biggest club records from 2004.

In 2005 Remy has performed all over the world at popular clubs/events like DanceValley, Extrema, Crobar/Spirit - New York, Fur – Washington, Ageha –Tokyo, Godskitchen, Turnmills, Guvernment – Toronto, Amnesia – Ibiza to mention a few. It’s also the year in which Remy collaborates with Armin van Buuren and Roland Klinkenberg. Together they produced ‘Bounce Back’, which can also be found on the Armin van Buuren album.

In 2006, Remy has started his new and own 68 (Remy’s year of birth) Recordings together with Armada Music. 68 Recordings will reflect the sound from Remy which you can find in his DJ sets. Next to his own productions you will find Remy's favourites on this imprint.
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